CanREA 2050 Vision: The Country’s To-Do List

The CanREA 2050 Vision calls for 5 significant tasks and 15 urgent actions needed from utilities, governments, industry members, regulators, and system operators, who have to participate in implementing these pivotal technologies on a broad scale sustainably and responsibly.
With that said, these are the five tasks Canada must undertake to achieve its Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions goal by 2050.
Task #1: Decarbonize the country’s production of electricity by 2035.
To achieve Net-Zero GHG emissions, Canada has to implement the Clean Electricity Standard that limits GHG emissions and requires the…

CanREA 2050 Vision: The Challenge

We don’t have the time left to waste!
Climate change and global warming are the two biggest challenges humanity is facing. Canada has made bold commitments to cut down its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 to 45% from the year 2005 to the year 2030.
Aside from that, the country also aims to achieve Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. However, it has only succeeded in keeping its GHG emissions but not reducing them.
With that said, the CanREA 2050 Vision movement explains why the country needs a robust and effective boost from solar energy, wind energy, and energy repository technologies, as it sets out a …

CanREA 2050 Vision: The Industry Is Now Ready!

Canada’s solar, wind, and energy storage technology industries are ready to take the Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions challenge.
Canada’s solar energy, wind energy, and energy-storage tech industries are eager to start creating and delivering the pivotal capacities needed to enable the country to attain its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal.
These tech industries have a significant role in keeping a sustainable and responsible energy transition.
As new capacities are created …

CanREA 2050 Vision: Canada’s Energy Transition

We live in a time of fast and wide-encompassing advancements. However, among the most vital transitions in action today, the most notable one is in the manner of how we produce, manage, and utilize energy.
In this case, Canada’s energy transition is being directed by the changing preference of customers, environmental initiatives, and technological advancements.
The energy transition movement directs Canada to a future that will make energy efficiency a major priority. This movement …

CanREA 2050 Vision: Fueling Canada’s Net-Zero Journey

As Canada aims for a transformational journey to achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by the year 2050, the country needs the help of solar energy, wind energy, and energy-storing technologies.
The CanREA 2050 Vision serves as a wake-up call as well as an urgent call-to-action for regulators, utilities, electricity system firms, the renewable energy sector, and governments to get the country ready to start its path to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050.
To achieve …