CanREA 2050 Vision: Fueling Canada’s Net-Zero Journey

As Canada aims for a transformational journey to achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by the year 2050, the country needs the help of solar energy, wind energy, and energy-storing technologies.

The CanREA 2050 Vision serves as a wake-up call as well as an urgent call-to-action for regulators, utilities, electricity system firms, the renewable energy sector, and governments to get the country ready to start its path to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050.

To achieve this vision and goal, the country has to double up its electricity production and decarbonize at the same time. Fortunately, Canada has a vast, unused potential for inexpensive solar and wind energy. These valuable resources will be pivotal for the country’s energy transition.

The CanREA 2050 Vision offers a figurative but conscious master plan that would require the country’s solar and wind energy competence to bolster ten-fold in the next 30 years.

The speed and scale of this vision are not forecasted. While the energy storage, solar energy, and wind energy industries are prepared to face the challenge, urgent action is still needed from major decision-makers such as regulators and legislators.

After all, these decision-makers have the power to empower these industries to drive the results the country needs. Moreover, the CanREA 2050 Vision also requires the participation of the country’s electricity stakeholders.

Valuable investments in other electricity-generation forms and frameworks will be required to power the required growth of solar and wind energy. Canada will carry out the lowest-cost, sustainable, and dependable pathway to the country’s Net-Zero goal.

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