CanREA 2050 Vision: The Country’s To-Do List

The CanREA 2050 Vision calls for 5 significant tasks and 15 urgent actions needed from utilities, governments, industry members, regulators, and system operators, who have to participate in implementing these pivotal technologies on a broad scale sustainably and responsibly.

With that said, these are the five tasks Canada must undertake to achieve its Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions goal by 2050.

Task #1: Decarbonize the country’s production of electricity by 2035.

To achieve Net-Zero GHG emissions, Canada has to implement the Clean Electricity Standard that limits GHG emissions and requires the country’s electricity production to be decarbonized by 2035.

Task#2: Remodel Canada’s regulatory structures and electricity markets to facilitate the least expensive pathway to power grid regulation and decarbonization.

Canada also has to encourage experimentation and innovation regarding the compensation for industries and technologies that deliver these services.

Task #3: Canada has to build new solar and wind energy storage.

The country must also invest in high-quality energy-storage tech to store its wind and solar energies.

Task #4: Canada must keep the cost at a minimum.

The country has to keep the cost of the transmission and dissemination of electricity production infrastructures low.

Task #5: Canada must make considerable efforts to decarbonize its electricity.

Decarbonizing the country’s electricity for significant industries such as buildings, transportation, and industry divisions is one of the best ways to achieve its net-zero goal. To achieve this, the country must implement extensive electrification actions.

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