CanREA 2050 Vision: The Industry Is Now Ready!

Canada’s solar, wind, and energy storage technology industries are ready to take the Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions challenge.

Canada’s solar energy, wind energy, and energy-storage tech industries are eager to start creating and delivering the pivotal capacities needed to enable the country to attain its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal.

These tech industries have a significant role in keeping a sustainable and responsible energy transition.

As new capacities are created throughout the country, it will be imperative to ensure customer satisfaction and community support, build economic benefits for the country and its societies, and contribute to environmental protection and sustainability.

CanREA encourages the industry to do the following:

1. Be responsible, earn the community’s support, and deliver customer satisfaction.

All new solar, wind, and energy storage technology projects must have a solid foundation of support from the community and deliver client satisfaction.

The industries must be able to understand and acknowledge the community’s perspectives for a valuable and well-sustained community engagement.

2. Be beneficial and provide opportunities for economic growth across the communities of Canada.

The new solar and wind energy projects must support the country’s net-zero goals. This would result in an $8 billion investment and approximately 28,000 indirect and direct person yearly employment.

3. Be sustainable and help protect the environment.

The electricity generation process is done through solar and wind energy does not give off air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. It also does not use large freshwater quantities nor produce toxic radioactive waste.

The solar and wind energy industries must strictly comply with environmental regulations and value sustainability.

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