Over the years, we, the founders of Wind Facts, have grown increasingly distressed about consumers’ dependence on foreign energy.

We all know the possible threats it poses to our national security and the detrimental effects on our economy. Therefore, instead of just sitting and worrying about this issue, we decided to take action and do what we could to make a difference.

The probable threats of global warming, climate change, and the decrease of non-renewable sources have made us incredibly concerned about the possible harmful effects it may bring to the people living across the world.

Of course, people may choose not to care about these issues. Still, you can also choose to take part in the initiatives that aim to better the current state of the environment. We, at Wind Facts, decided to do the latter.

Although we can’t really do anything about the energy supply, we chose to do our part and focus our efforts on the many ways to serve energy.

In addition, we decided to start Wind Facts to educate others about the prevalent environmental issues in hopes that they will be encouraged to join us in our efforts for conservation.

We strongly believe that if we all take part in the environmental initiatives and conservation practices, we will do ourselves and our planet a huge favor.

With our blog, Wind Facts, you can expect to find posts covering various topics, such as wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, fossil fuels, recycling, pollution, global warming, climate change, and so much more.

Our website aims to provide factual information that will spread awareness about such topics and hopefully encourage our readers to make a difference.

Furthermore, we are continuously searching for new and efficient ways to save energy, and we will add new content to our website accordingly.