Facts About Wind Energy

1. Why Does The Wind Blow?

Like all energy forms, the wind is produced due to the sun. In this case, the sun heats a landmass, and that heat is then consumed by the air enclosing the land.

Once the air reaches a specific temperature, it will then rise rapidly upwards. This results in a ground-level low-pressure area and a rise in pressure area over the land. Air moves from high-pressure zones to low-pressure zones; as a result, the wind is created.

2. Wind Turbines Are Very Quiet

The sound of the wind turbines’ blades is concealed by the sound of the wind, as well as the accompanying sounds produced by the surrounding environment, such as the rustling leaves from trees.

Moreover, today’s wind turbines are well-engineered and are specially designed to produce minimal sound.

3. Wind Energy Is Efficient and Clean

Wind turbines solely depend on wind to generate electricity. Thus, it doesn’t produce any hazardous emissions or toxic residue that can harm its surrounding environment.

A wind turbine can expel 1900t of carbon dioxide, 5-8t of nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide every year compared to coal burning.

4. Wind Energy Is Ample

Wind resources are everywhere. In 2014, an increase of 44% in the global wind power was recorded, with the wind energy industry hitting a whooping 51.5 Global Wind record level of new reliable and clean wind power.

As of today, there are more than 314,000 wind turbines operating across the world in more than 90 countries, according to the GWEC.

5. Wind Energy Makes a Huge Difference

Over the years, wind turbines have dramatically grown in size, as well as power output. For example, a cutting-edge wind turbine like the E-82 by Enercon can produce a power output of 4000-6000MWhs in a year. This is equal to the yearly electricity consumption of about 400 to 600 households in Canada.

6. Wind Energy Is an Ever-Developing Technology

To date, new technologies are continuously integrated into modern wind turbines. As a result, advancements in the wind power industry are bound to occur at some point.

Improvements in power output, size, weight, and other aspects of wind turbines will be visible in new and upcoming models.

7. Wind Energy Is Affordable

Wind energy is the least expensive of all the renewable energy technologies present. Given that the wind’s energy content differs depending on the wind speed’s cube, wind energy’s economics heavily depends on how windy the area is.

8. Wind Turbines Are Cost-Efficient

Based on the Betz law, about 59 percent of the kinetic energy is the max power that can be collected from the wind. On the other hand, today’s modern wind turbines collect more than 50 percent of the accessible kinetic energy.

9. Wind Energy Is Reliable and Harmless

High-quality wind turbines are typically ready to run and operational over 98 percent of the time. This makes wind turbines the best out of all the power-generating technologies.

10. Wind Turbines Are Dependable

Modern and premium-quality wind turbines are engineered to withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth when you invest in a top-quality model.

11. Wind Energy Utilizes Land Resources Sparsely

Wind turbines, as well as their access roads, utilize only less than one percent of the entire area in a regular wind park. This means that the rest, or approximately 99 percent of the land, can be utilized for livestock grazing or farming.

12. Wind Turbines Aren’t Harmful to Wildlife

Wind turbines bring no harm to the environment and wildlife. In fact, cattle and deer often graze under wind turbines while sheep often find shelter and shade under them.

13. Wind Energy Can Be Easily Integrated with the Electric Grid

Wind energy is variable. On the other hand, wind power tends to adhere to consumers’ peak demand for electricity during the daytime. In addition to that, wind power can be easily integrated with hydropower grids.

14. Wind Energy Provides Job Opportunities

Given the increasing demand for wind power, the industry has opened numerous work opportunities as a result.

15. Wind Energy Is Now Popular

Wind energy has become more and more popular for many reasons, two of which are its cost-efficiency and reliability. However, wind turbine parks have also become popular tourist destinations.