Interesting Facts About Wind Energy

Wind energy is considered among the best alternative energy sources for many fantastic reasons. For one, it’s a renewable energy source that doesn’t pose a massive threat to the environment.

In this case, it doesn’t pollute the air and water, nor does it produce emissions. In fact, wind energy is one of the safest and cleanest processes of producing renewable electricity.

So, what else do you need to know about wind energy?

Wind Energy Facts

  • Fact #1: Wind power is among the fastest-growing energy sources across the globe.
  • Fact #2: People have been using windmills since 200 BC and were developed in China and Persia firsthand.
  • Fact #3: To this day, wind energy is not as widely used; the industry only holds a small portion of the total power worldwide.
  • Fact #4: Wind turbines can be as high as a 20-story building, and their 3 blades are typically about 60 meters long.
  • Fact #5: The largest wind turbines can generate enough energy to power about 600 American households.
  • Fact #6: Wind energy is sought-after as it is a clean source of renewable energy that causes very minimum pollution.
  • Fact #7: Wind turbines have been subjected to criticism before. Some people claim turbines produce noise. Some also claimed slow-moving turbine fans harm birds and bats.
  • Fact #8: The industry of wind energy is flourishing rapidly. Experts say that the industry can accommodate one-third of the worldwide demand for energy by 2050.
  • Fact #9: Wind energy is the current fastest-growing electricity generation method in the entire world.
  • Fact #10: Wind energy is considered unique as it doesn’t utilize water to produce electricity.
  • Fact #11: Wind parks can be installed at offshore locations as winds are more consistent and stronger there.
  • Fact #12: Several remote and isolated areas are powered by small coastal wind farms. Utility firms often buy the power coming from these coastal wind farms.
  • Fact #13: Wind power is a pollution-free and renewable energy source. It is an abundant energy source in many parts of the US.
  • Fact #14: Wind energy is one of the best alternatives to fossil fuels. It is, in fact, a fast-growing trend in many nations, most especially in Europe.
  • Fact #15: Most modern and high-tech wind turbines come with 3 blades that can reach a max speed of 320kph.
  • Fact #16: The world’s largest wind turbine is located in Hawaii in the USA. It is about 20 stories in height, and each of its blades is as long as a football field.
  • Fact #17: According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 1 megawatt of wind power can offset about 2,600 tons of CO2.

Those are some of the many interesting facts about wind energy you should know.

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