The Negative Impacts of Wind Turbines

While it is one of the best ways to generate electricity since it’s a clean and renewable energy source and can cut down greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously, it also comes with a few setbacks, just like its other energy-generation technology counterparts.

Understanding these drawbacks is essential if we want to optimize wind energy’s use. With that said, below is a rundown of the possible disadvantages associated with wind turbines.

1. Noise Pollution

Low and average-quality wind turbines typically don’t have the best design and construction, which leads their rotors or blades to produce operation noise. This noise can be a disturbance to the nearby community.

2. Threat to Wildlife

The rotating blades of wind turbines can be a massive threat to wildlife, especially winged animals like bats and birds. These blades may injure or even kill flying living beings around wind farms.

3. Reduction of House Pricing

It has been noted that most homes near wind parks have relatively reduced pricing. This is because no one really wanted to live near these wind farms due to the potential hazards wind turbines could cause.

4. Visual Hazard

While many people find wind turbines to be visually attractive, some people, on the other hand, think otherwise.

5. Disruption on Weather Services

Many experts conclude that the massive wind turbines in big wind parks disrupt weather services by sending back signals to stations signifying air disturbance.

Although wind energy offers many commendable advantages, it’s also essential to discuss the possible drawbacks it has, especially to the environment.

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