The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Like solar power, wind energy is among the fastest-growing sources of energy across the world. In fact, the USA aims to produce 20% of its electricity through wind power by the year 2030.

Wind energy is believed to cut down our dependence on fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal in the forthcoming decade.

In this post, you will gain a better idea of the many positive impacts, as well as the few drawbacks, wind energy offers.

The Advantages

1. Safe and Clean

Wind energy is well-commended in the energy industry because it’s a clean and safe way to generate electricity and does not pose a threat to the surrounding environment.

2. Renewable Energy Source

The wind is ample and completely free. Since wind is a renewable source, it will never run out, unlike other conventional fuel sources such as oil, gas, and coal.

3. Inexpensive Operating Cost

Although individual turbines or wind parks can be expensive to set up, once they are up and running, the operational costs are relatively low. The wind is entirely free, and high-quality turbines don’t require frequent maintenance.

4. Cost-Efficient

Given that wind turbines have very low operating costs, it is among the most cost-efficient forms of power generation available to date.

5. Wind Energy Is Inexpensive

Due to the rising popularity of wind power, wind turbines these days have become more affordable and accessible for many. Moreover, new wind turbines are expected to become even more affordable in the coming years.

6. Doesn’t Occupy Too Much Space or Land

Wind turbines and the access ways in wind parks utilize land very sparingly. This means that the vacant areas in wind parks can be used for livestock grazing or farming.

7. Wind Turbines Are Eye-Catching

Modern wind turbines make great tourist attractions given their aesthetically-pleasing construction design. In other words, not only do wind turbines generate power efficiently, but they can also potentially boost a place’s tourism rate.

8. Doesn’t Harm The Surrounding Environment and Wildlife

Wind turbines generate clean energy safely without being a threat to their surroundings. Turbines do not pollute the air and water, and they are also not harmful to wildlife.

9. The Wind Power Industry Generates Jobs

Due to the increasing demand for quality wind turbines, manufacturers and distributors always have job openings for different positions such as wind turbine technicians, marketing managers, etc.

10. Modern Wind Turbines Are Dependable

Today’s new wind turbines are made with high-quality construction materials and engineered using advanced-level technologies. Thus, they are long-lasting and highly reliable.

The Disadvantages

1. Wind Turbines Could Be Harmful to Birds

Although wind turbines don’t pose a direct threat to the environment and wildlife, they can inevitably be a safety hazard to birds.

2. Wind Turbines May Produce Noise

Low and average-quality wind turbines may not have the best design and construction, leading them to produce noticeable motor and propeller noise.

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