CanREA 2050 Vision: Fueling Canada’s Net-Zero Journey

As Canada aims for a transformational journey to achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by the year 2050, the country needs the help of solar energy, wind energy, and energy-storing technologies.
The CanREA 2050 Vision serves as a wake-up call as well as an urgent call-to-action for regulators, utilities, electricity system firms, the renewable energy sector, and governments to get the country ready to start its path to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050.
To achieve …

Interesting Facts About Wind Energy

Wind energy is considered among the best alternative energy sources for many fantastic reasons. For one, it’s a renewable energy source that doesn’t pose a massive threat to the environment.
In this case, it doesn’t pollute the air and water, nor does it produce emissions. In fact, wind energy is one of the safest and cleanest processes of producing renewable electricity.
So, what else do you need to know about wind energy?

The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are engineered to do one common thing: to generate energy through the wind. However, wind turbine models usually vary in design, size, and axis orientation. In this case, they can be either vertical or horizontal.
The axis orientation of wind turbines is what makes a huge difference. Over the years, horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs) have been proven to offer better performance than those with vertical axis.
However, vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) also offer several advantages that the HAWTs do …

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Like solar power, wind energy is among the fastest-growing sources of energy across the world. In fact, the USA aims to produce 20% of its electricity through wind power by the year 2030.
Wind energy is believed to cut down our dependence on fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal in the forthcoming decade.
In this post, you will gain a better idea of the many positive impacts, as well as the few drawbacks, wind energy offers.
The Advantages
1. Safe and Clean…